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Recovery Housing

Mission Missouri is glad you are considering entrance into The Esther House, our transitional house for women with substance use disorders who desire to recover. Our faith-based Christ-centered staff members are experienced, professional, and dedicated. Please consider carefully whether or not you will be a good candidate for the Esther House. We have a structured program that works well for those who fully engage with the process. “Trust the process and trust the leaders!”

  • Long Term (Eight months with 30 day extensions up to one year as needed). Room and board is $600.00 per month. Missouri Food Stamps are accepted as payment for the $200 food plan. There is not a fee to enter the program EXCEPT for the food plan; however, fees for housing and programming are due the beginning of the third month. Employment must be obtained prior to that time in order for fees to be paid AT THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH, beginning with the third month of engagement in this recovery program.
  • FEES FOR THE FOOD PLAN ARE GENERALLY COVERED BY FOOD STAMPS. MISSION MISSOURI IS A FOOD STAMP VENDOR WITH THE STATE OF MISSOURI.  If you do not have a Food Stamp Card at the time of entrance into the program, you will be responsible for the $200 by either cash or verifiable check. We will assist you in applying for a Food Stamp Card after you arrive. 

Components of the Mission Missouri Sisters Rising Recovery Program include but are not limited to:

Peer Coaching and Recovery Planning

Individual and Group Counseling

Life Skills Individual Assessment and Planning

Education Groups (Financial Mgt., Anger Mgt., Parenting) and Employment Skills Training

Recovery Support Groups

Faith-based Support and Mentoring (we utilize the Life Recovery Bible)

Connection to a faith community is extremely important to participate in this program. Attendance to church is mandatory.  There is a loving community at The Riverbend Pentecostals in New Madrid that have welcomed our ladies in the Sisters Rising Recovery Program.  In addition, you are strongly encouraged to identify a sponsor. We will provide you with connections to outside recovery meetings and supports.

Being a resident at Mission Missouri means you will be part of a community which includes responsibilities such as daily chores. We work closely with Probation and Parole, with Division of Family Services, with family members, and with employers to facilitate your success. Applications and releases from referral sources must be filled out completely and properly witnessed. Any falsification of information on your application will be grounds for immediate discharge. Do not hesitate to call if you have further questions. It is our heartfelt desire to see you succeed in life and in your recovery.

Acceptance into the Sisters Rising Recovery Program will not be based on race, color, citizen status, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status and political affiliations, prescribed medications, or any other characteristic protected by law. History will not be deterrent unless it would violate probation protocols.

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Deb Baker, Residential Director, MAADC II, MRSS, CPS, Chaplain