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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

President: Mandy Newton, mandy@andersongreen.com

Vice President:

Secretary: Jami Geske, jamigeske@gmail.com


Executive Director: Jane Pfefferkorn, missionmissouri1j@gmail.com

Past President: Michael Harris, michaelk_harris@yahoo.com

                            Lisa Adams, 

Our Staff

Jane Pfefferkorn, Executive Director, BS, CCJP, MRSS

Rose Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Coach, Counselor

  • Linda Boyce, Accounting/Office Manager
  • Debbie Hornback, Billing/Admin. Asst.
  • Deb Baker, Residential Director, MAADC II, Chaplain
  • Amelia Adams, Co-House Manager
  • Ashely Ballard, Co-House Manager
  • Molly Sain, Assessor
  • Randy Thuesen, Assessor
  • AJ. Robinson, Group Facilitator, Certified Peer Specialist
  • Ronnie Sells, Not By Might Recovery Services, CEO
  • Shelley Taylor, Not By Might Recovery Services
  • Corrie Pfefferkorn, Spiritual Mentor

We are strongest when operating as a ministry of care team in a system of recovery providing services that are practical and powerful, promoting faith, authenticity, and wellness.