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Fri, Mar 3rd, 2023

On September 12, 2020 a visitor came to my backyard. I was sitting on the patio enjoying the sunny weather when out of the corner of my eye a flash of color appeared in the grass. Yellow, blue, orange, white, black…painted on a butterfly with a six-inch wingspan sitting on pink flowered clover about four feet away from my chair.  “How beautiful!” My expectation was that the gorgeous visitor would rest for a few seconds, enjoying the clover, then fly away. Several seconds, then a few minutes passed. “Oh my…” I carefully and quietly moved to the spot, took several pictures with my phone, and walked back to my chair. Several more minutes passed. Then as unexpectedly as the visitor arrived, it lifted into the air and was gone.

Yes, I have seen butterflies before, many times in my 71 years. But, not one time, has there been a “visitation” like this, not ever in our backyard.

Over the next days and weeks, I began to gather information about butterflies….especially the spiritual meaning of such a visitation. Yes, I understand the process of the caterpillar to the butterfly, the representation of new life and resurrection, and the symbolism of being born again.

However, as I write this very first blog on behalf of Mission Missouri and all that God is doing in our work and Kingdom purpose, I am drawn to my butterfly visitor as representative of walking in a “for such a time as this” moment.

In my research I discovered my visitor is a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, identified through its markings. However, what is especially unique is that the word Canadian is there for a reason….these creatures inhabit North America from central Alaska, southeast across Canada and the northern Great Lakes to northern New England. Notice…..I did not say “Missouri”, nor did I say “Southeast Missouri”.

So…why, Lord, did you send this messenger and what message should I receive? Here are at least two thoughts for this first “my journey until now” blog.

God created Mission Missouri for His purpose and without a doubt, He has taken us to places we never dreamed would be possible in 1996 when we gathered for the first Christian Block Party “to pull down walls between races and denominations.” Secondly, He will have us rest and engage others for as long as He sees fit. He will decide how we will be used and what impact will be made. It’s up to Him.

The creation does not direct the Creator.

“My journey until now”…..thank you for reminding me once again that You, Divine Creator, are orchestrating YOUR creation as you see fit. My prayer today is that everything concerning Mission Missouri will glorify you, which, in fact, means “to give a correct estimate of Who You are!” Now and forever.

-Jane Pfefferkorn