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Mon, Jun 12th, 2023


For those who are not fond of writing, journaling, or taking notes….well, I just want to encourage you with some practical suggestions about why even a date next to a scripture, or a line or two in a journal can be helpful in building your faith.

The picture for today’s thought comes from one of my two “most-used” Bibles. This one I keep at home and the other is on my desk at work. This morning I was asking the Lord to guide me to the passage that would be His direction for me. On my way to Psalm 91, I was detoured to Psalm 138. The words are comforting and uplifting, but what the Spirit wanted to speak today was even more meaningful.

I looked at my notes and dates placed around Psalm 138…..December 28, 1993…December 26, 1994….March 14, 1995. As I remembered those seasons, I was struck with the awesome reality that the Father was speaking encouragement and faithfulness during a specific period which proved to be a turning point for the direction of my life.

Follow me as I lay out the journey. June, 1988 my husband went to treatment and our family began our recovery adventure. February 1989, I was in a car accident and did not walk for over a year (picture a man and woman in very early recovery with four small children). By June 1996…..just eight years from the day my husband went to treatment…..the first Christian Block Party was held in Sikeston and became the building block and foundation for everything we are
seeing and experiencing today.

What’s so special about all that? I’m glad you asked. What was most needed from 1988 to 1996…….the very words of Psalm 138…..lovingkindness which is a covenant word….truth which means faithfulness…..that fact that His Word means promise…and especially in verse 8….”And Thy right hand will save me, The Lord will accomplish what concerns me”!

Did you hear that? The LORD will accomplish what concerns me!!!! Addiction, car accidents, distractions, complete and utter confusion….that is what we were experiencing in the first few years from 1988 forward BUT GOD!

He said…My plan will be accomplished, no matter how it looks at the moment, no matter how broken you are, no matter if you do not walk for over a year, no matter if you are a young family in total disarray, no matter…..His plan is still unfolding. His plan is still about His faithfulness and truth and promises.

Interestingly another date next to Psalm 138 is May 27, 2018….just five years ago…and, guess what?? We are again in a season of transition. The “gift of the process” (from Sister Maria) is unfolding with promises and covenant purpose. Relationships and collaborations for which we have been praying for many years are being established. God’s Kingdom work is being expanded and strengthened.

How foolish would I be if I did not immediately place today’s date next to Psalm 138 as a way to remember this day….TODAY….

Will struggles come? Of course. Will I question the “process” again? I’m sure…. But I will remember…. I will open my Bible and look through the pages and I will see many dates written next to specific scriptures. And I will remember the faithfulness of Jesus. I will remember that no matter how broken, how lonely, how grief-stricken….He was there.

And He is still accomplishing what concerns me.

Jane Pfefferkorn