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myjourneyuntil now

myjourneyuntil now

Mon, Apr 24th, 2023


April 24, 2023

Today’s picture is the latest AWESOME group of folks who went through the three-day training at Mission Missouri for the Missouri Recovery Support Specialist. Talk about building community!

What comes to your mind when you think of building community? What comes to your mind when you think ofthink of being a recovery-ready community? Or do these things ever actually cross your mind?

Certainly, our minds are flooded with the latest problems, issues, and news – most of which is anything but uplifting, right? How often do we become discouraged….sometimes even at church….because “life isn’t fair and people don’t act right”…..right?

Dear ones, may I encourage you to invest in the next two opportunities to experience the process of “building community”. We will gather again on May 24-26 and on June 28-30, and if you are in the least bit interested in how you can be a part of a recovery-ready environment, you need to run, don’t walk, to one of these trainings. Go to the Missouri Credentialing Board website and register. www.missouricb.com The cost is $75 for the three-day training, lunch provided each day, AND the MRSS credential. You may be someone with lived experience as a peer or a family member, a professional, a teacher, a faith-based leader, a pastor, a recovery support provider…..whatever your interest might be….this is a life-changing three days. I promise.

Back to the picture…..this group included peers, family members, professionals in the field of treatment, people in Drug Court, recovery support providers, ministry leaders….and we had a blast! We even came up with a few more “T-Shirt” sayings….yes, Mission Missouri is going to have a line of recovery products.

How about these:

  • “We can only help someone become the best version of themselves if we bring the best version of ourselves!”
  • “It’s one thing to talk about it….it’s another thing to be about it!”
  • “Q-TIP….Quit Taking It Personal!”
  • “If it comes from the heart, it reaches the heart!”
  • “Problems are great but the resources are not!”
  • “If you are OK with my yes, you need to be OK with my no…or your motive was not right in the first place!”

So….register today….and come ready with your t-shirt saying…..because I’m saying this is the place to be!

Jane Pfefferkorn