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Recovery isn't just a possibility

it's a reality.

Our Mission

Mission Missouri provides comprehensive services to recover, reconcile & restore families & individuals to total well-being.

Our Vision

Mission Missouri envisions a community where residents have the liberty and ambition to work, play and worship in a spirit of harmony.

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Please consider partnering with Mission Missouri and help us as we help people who are seeking recovery.

Faith Makes Possibilities Realities.

welcome to mission missouri

We were born from faith and a block party!

But, not just any average block party...a Christian Block Party.  In 1996, a group of concerned community members dedicated themselves to creating an annual community-wide event for the purpose of uniting people of different ethnic, worship and economic experiences. Their passion quickly inspired them to expand beyond the annual event, which became a soup kitchen.  The Block Party committee became Mission Missouri in 1998.

Mission Missouri, which maintains a culturally diverse Board of Directors, and maintains as one of its core values, the celebration and inclusion of cultural diversity, became recognized as a 501c3 organization in 1999. Through our faith, we believe that lives and families can be healed and fully restored.  Our leaders, staff and volunteers are committed to serving those who need support during their process of recovery and restoration.

A center of hope & restoration

What We Believe